NXT Tutorial
This tutorial has been used by hundreds of thousands of people since it was introduced and is the most popular way to learn to program the LEGO Mindstorms' language NXT-G. It was designed, and is constantly updated by, Dale Yocum of Catlin Gabel School.

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Line Follower Robots
The goal is design, construct, and program a robot that can follow a black line on a white background .The robot to complete the course in the shortest period of time while accurately tracking the course line from start to finish wins.

Sumo Robots
Sumo is a test of engineering design,as well as programming and strategy.Two robots try to push each other out of a circular ring.
The specifications and rules for our competition are:
  • 130cm diameter ring, flat white, with a 5 cm black border.
  • Robot is 25cm x 25cm maximum width x depth (unlimited height).
  • Robot maximum weight is 2kg.
  • Goal: Push the other robot out of the ring in 3 minutes.
  • Robots must be safe. A robot should not be a danger to competitors,other robots, or the competition ring.
  • Robots are autonomous.