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Dear Parents, Guardians and Students ,

My name is Monireh Kandi,and I will be the ICT teacher in this year for all grades ,from kindergarten to grade 9 .My major is computer engineering ,hardware engineering in Bachelor and Robotics/Artificial Intelligence(AI) in Master. I am very glad to teach my students all things they need in Computer ,Technology and Robotics field.ٌWe work on the VARIOUS subjects in my classes depending to grade level, including :

Computer Skills( using computer,Windows 7,MS. Office ,...)
Typing Skills
Computer Programming
Robotics World (Basic Concepts and News)
Robotics Programming
Designing and Building Robots(by Lego NXT Mindstorms)
Technology News
Computer Brain Teasers Games
Learning to use Professional Programs in other subjects(Mandarin,Science,Math,...)

We will have one period per week for each grade.My main effort is creating attractive and interesting environment in the class and happening the total learning of the subject in the class .This strategy has worked well in the recent years and I've had great improvement in my students works.

You can find more information for each grade in the Navigation bar.Please share with me your opinions ,ideas or any concerns about the class or your child.My email is : monirkandi@gmail.com

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